Future Ready Prep Connecting with the World!

Posted by Patrick Trentacost on 2/20/2019

Technology makes the world smaller. On February 20, 2019, Future Ready Prep took a virtual field trip to Ghana. Not only did we interact with students in Ghana, we also worked with students from Holmdel, NJ, who made the virtual visit with us. Students shared and learned information from the students in Ghana and from the students at the other participating school. Music, favorite foods, hobbies, dances, and school life were all topics of discussion. Students learned that they have more similarities than differences. Additionally, the stereotype that Africa is a country and not a continent made up of many countries was dispelled. Students also saw through participation in this virtual field trip that there are places in Africa that are just as metropolitan as cities in the United States and it is not just comprised of rural villages.


Technology Feb 2019