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East Orange School District will be

closed: Tuesday, March 17th until

futher notice


 Beginning Monday, April 6, 2020 all


students in grades 1 thru 12 will be


required to log into to their FOCUS


Student Portal account every day,


between the hours of 8:30 am and


5:30 pm, and click on the "I'm Present"


button in order to mark themselves


present for the school day.

FOCUS Student Portal Web Address:


                        Please look at very important 
                 Virtual Learning Schedule
costley schedule


Please make sure to read this


important letter from the


East Orange School District




If you can't read the images

click the link: ***Very




Please Refer to this if any




Frequently Asked Questions


If any parents need the


information in Spanish, you


may email Ms. Diaz at


Parents here are the teacher


emails to reach them:


Click here: 




Parents here are the


Google Classroom


codes if you need them


to help your child:


Google Classroom Codes


Google Classroom Codes


Here is the nurse Google


Classroom code:




Additional Resources:


Managing Stress Anxiety 


Talking to Children about




 Coping with Stress


Parents who may be interested: Take a look


at the link for event information to help your


children while the library remains closed.


Library Event














Let's Celebrate Woman History Month




Dress Down for $1 every Friday

Clubs on Thursday from 3 - 4 pm






June 17th - Grade 8 Social

Brookside Banquets

Bloomfield, NJ


June 9th - Class Trip

Forest Lodge

Swimming, Sports,


***APRIL 20th: Final Deadline for all Activities Fee***


 Need Practice for Interviews

If you have an interview coming up and want help on knowing what to say, then come to
the media center for a mock interview with Ms. Chatman.  She has done this in the past
with many students and they have reported that it made them feel less nervous and
better prepared for the questions that were asked during the actual interview.  You can
come in the morning, during your lunch period, or after school as long as Ms. Chatman
knows in advance)


Thank you letter from Student Council


Thank You



 8th grade activities



After School Tutoring

is every week on

Tuesdays & Wednesdays

2:55 - 3:55


Clubs every Thursday

from 3 - 4 pm

School Hours: 


8:15 AM - 2:40 PM


 *Breakfast is at 7:30*

*Very important to get to

school on time, or you are

missing out on your Education*


Famous Quote: "Education is

the passport to the future, for

tomorrow belongs to those who

prepare for it today"

by Malcolm X


Fridays are

Parent Conference Meetings:

parent teacher conference times


  School Uniform

 Navy Shirt / Khaki Pants

navy khaki

Also... Navy Sweatshirts and

Navy Sweaters


 New This Year! Gym Uniform:

 Gray T Shirts / Gray Shorts

gray shorts