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Letter and Number Cards

Dear Families,

Please cut and use the letter cards that were sent home with your child to have them identify letters, letter sounds, blend letter sounds together to form words i.e., wet, run, hit, tan, ship, kid, quack, shell, that, and ect.
You can use index cards, “regular” paper, and or make additional copies to create numerous words.

You can use number cards to identify numbers; have your child write words in both numeric (5) and in word form (five). Have fun with the number cards by creating addition, subtraction sentences, doubles, doubles plus one, and more.
5+3= 8   3+5=8 (addition sentences) 5-3=2   5-2=3 (subtraction sentences) 
11+11= 22 3+3=6 (doubles) 8+9 (doubles plus one) 

Ask your child what strategy they used to solve various problems when doing their math homework and when having fun with the number cards.
Below is a list of strategies your child use in class:
  • Mental Math
  • Counting On
  • Counting Back
  • Doubles
  • Doubles Plus One