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We are having so much fun with our Community/Neighborhood theme! The children are enjoying playing different roles in the centers (Police Officer, Police Chief, Fire Fighter, Sales Person, Librarian, Hair Sylist/Barber, "Receptionist", "Customer") New vocabulary we have been practicing is "Ticket", "Emergency", "911", "Truck", "Ladder","Books", "Borrow" and "Service" along with various other service in the community. Rhyming is a fun way to practice phonemic awareness and understanding word families - both great pre-reading skills. Even on the way to school you can play a simply rhyming game. You start by saying one word - like "HOP" - and tell your child to say as many words they know that rhyme with hop. You can help out at first and then change to another rhyming "family" when you think you have got them all.