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September 6, 2017
Dear Parent(s) Guardian(s),

Welcome back to a new school year.  I hope you have shared an enjoyable summer together! I look forward to working with you to support and enrich your child's academic growth, and making it an enjoyable and successful year together.

Parents, please sign up for the Focus Parent Portal as we will no longer use paper report cards or warning notices.

Being prepared for the school is the step in the right direction, so let's begin talking about school supplies.  Your child will need the following:
-class begins at 8:10 and dismissal is at 2:35 P.M.
-a bookbag
-7 marble notebooks (no binders or spiral notebooks please!)
-2 sturdy plastic pocket folders
-sharpened pencils (at least 4 in the bookbag daily)

Your child will be receiving homework each night, therefore he/she will need to keep certain supplies at home (PLEASE DO NOT SEND THESE ITEMS TO SCHOOL!)

-a dictionary   -a pack of loose leaf paper    -extra pencils    -crayons/markers  -scissors   -a ruler
-an eraser    -a sharpener    -a glue

Now let's talk about expectations, classrooms rules, consequences.  It is very important that your child adhere to the following:

-come to school prepared each day (bookbag, homework folder, homework assignment, projects, and in complete uniform)
-homework is given daily and it is to be turned in on time and in neat condition.
-read at least 15-25 minutes each day