• Sojourner Truth Middle School is named after Sojourner Truth (1797-1883).  Sojourner Truth, originally named Isabella Baumfree, was born a slave but escaped and changed her name to Sojourner Truth while living as a free woman.  She gave African-Americans and women a commanding voice for equality and freedom from oppressive powers with her powerful words.  She captivated America with her unique way of thinking and approach in speeches.  The administrators, faculty, and staff at Sojourner Truth Middle School strive to lead students to become modern-day Sojourner Truths and become productive members of a global society by providing students with hands-on and real-life experiences by promoting a positive school environment, offering students the latest technological advances, and providing students with abundant opportunities to partake in exceptional programs.  

    Sojourner Truth Middle School individually recognizes and praises students for their performance as well as for their effort.  At the conclusion of every cycle, achieving students are invited to celebrate their academic progress and accomplishments at an Awards Breakfast or Awards Dinner along with their family members.  On a monthly basis, students are able to gain recognition as Homework Champions and Student of the Month.  Students who make progress towards the 25 Book Campaign, a district-wide challenge for students to read at least 25 books during the school year, will be rewarded with a field trip as will students who raise their own standards and earn the Most Improved Student Award. 

    Technology is an integral component of Sojourner Truth Middle School. The state-of-the-art facility includes three fully equipped computer labs, two traveling computer carts, SMART Boards, and a Promethean Board.  Students are given personal accounts and unlimited access to web-based programs such as TeenBiz3000 and IXL, which help students reinforce what they learned in their classes.  Additionally, the school employs the Easy Tech program to build computer literacy.  

    Sojourner Truth Middle School maximizes the potential of students by offering students opportunities to participate and achieve success in an array of innovative and challenging programs.  Every student in the school participates in Finance Park, a special program aimed at building real-life financial skills.   All students are encouraged to attend Saturday Academy to strengthen their skills in Language Arts and Math.  Students interested in law can learn more about it through the Seton Hall Law Program.  The Robotics Program provides students with an opportunity to apply science and math skills by building a robot while at the same time building teamwork and leadership.  Finally, male students are encouraged to compete in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Oratorical Contest and female students in the Sojourner Truth Oratorical Contest.  

    Sojourner Truth Middle School offers diverse courses to enrich the minds of students.   One of the unique courses Sojourner Truth Middle School offers is the Creative Writing, Journalism, and Media Literacy Course where students learn what it take to be a successful journalist and are able to apply these acquired skills by hosting events with professionals recognized in the media field.  Other courses include Algebra and Geometry for students who want to get a jumpstart to high school courses.     

    At Sojourner Truth Middle School, there is an effective single-gender program where students learn in single-gender classrooms.  The program was featured in New Jersey's Cityscape Magazine.  Furthermore, a school uniform policy is enforced in an effort to maintain a professional learning environment.  The goals of Sojourner Truth Middle School are to produce a student who is knowledgeable of the world and of who he or she is, is ready to take on a leadership role in today's competitive society, and is going to be fruitful in every aspect of his or her life.


    Unique features of Sojourner Truth Middle School:

    -Students learn in single-gender learning environments.

    -Students have the opportunity to use the latest technology such as SMART Boards and a Promethean Board to enhance learning.

    -Students may enrich their learning experience by participating in the following programs:

    ·      25 Book Campaign

    ·    Finance Park

    ·      Seton Hall Constitutional Law Program

    ·      Martin Luther King, Jr. Oratorical Contest

    ·      Sojourner Truth Oratorical Contest

    ·      Saturday Academy

    ·      National Junior Honor Society

    -Students may take the following courses:

    ·      Creative Writing, Journalism, and Media Literacy Course

    ·      Geometry

    ·      Algebra

      Sojourner Truth Mission
    Sojourner Truth Middle School’s mission is to provide a positive, nurturing, safe, structured and data-driven learning environment, where students are equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to meet the challenges and opportunities that they will encounter in their lives.

              Truth Vision

    Sojourner Truth Middle School aspires to be the educational model of excellence for middle schools in the State of New Jersey by developing proud, respectful, intelligent and determined students. We plan to increase student achievement by promoting positive emotional development, academic growth of every student and continuously developing our own professional knowledge and skills.