• Ms. Fasehun

    Instructor: Ms. Fasehun

                                Ms. Fasehun's
                                PreK Class

                                  "If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach
                                   in a way the child can learn".
      - Unknown


  • Community/Neighborhood

    We are having so much fun with our Community/Neighborhood theme! The children are enjoying playing different roles in the centers (Police Officer, Police Chief, Fire Fighter, Sales Person, Librarian, Hair Sylist/Barber, "Receptionist", "Customer") New vocabulary we have been practicing is "Ticket", "Emergency", "911", "Truck", "Ladder","Books", "Borrow" and "Service" along with various other …

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What Am I Doing in Play?

  • Our focus in the next few weeks will be on Community/Neighborhood.
    Roles I can be:   Police Office, Fire Fighter, Librarian, Sales Person, Hair Stylist/Barber, Receptionist.
    What's happening
    in my centers:    Police Officers writing tickets, fire fighters fighting fire and rescuing people, citizens at the library reading or borrowing books, shopping at the shoe store, Stylist and Barber styling and cutting hair.

    I am practicing my reading/writing and math by:
    Making signs and price tags
    Making change, printing on receipts
    Writing tickets 
    What Am I Reading:
    Fire Fighters
    Police Officers
    Community Workers
    Me on the Map
    Where I live
    Please ask your child about what they did in school and use any of the above as a way of encouraging your child to talk about what they are learning in school.
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Homework:Interview family/friends/neighbors and ask them about their job. Tally on paper

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