• Pre-K Curriculum

    We are currently using the Tools of the Mind curriculum for our pre-k students.

    The curriculum values learning as active play. It develops cognitive skills such as:

    1.Self-regulation:You resist to act out
    even when driven to do so
    2.Deliberate memory:Holding information
    in your head while in process
    of completing task
    3.Focused attention:
    Being able to adjust from situation
    to another without problems
    In addition, it develops academic skills
    that focuses on:
    1.Symbolic Thought
    3.Mathematical Understanding
    Tools of the Mind


  • Kindergarten Curriculum

    Journeys Common Core reading/language arts program is designed to help students successfully meet the Common Core Standards. These standards are designed as benchmarks that guides instruction and includes the rigorous learning experiences students need to be successful in school and beyond. The Common Core focuses on skills that students need to move forward into higher education and the work force. Journeys supports the Common Core by emphasizing reading fluency, writing, speaking, listening and language. The program provides practice of these skills by using a variety of resources and activities suited to different types of learners.