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  • The Importance and Relevance of Data

    As the Data Coach at Bowser Elementary School I thought it would be useful to explain why data is important, and how it is being used at our school.
    We have always collected data; primarily information about test results that is collected on a database to assess how well a student is doing in a specific subject or area. With the increasing number of tests students are required to take, the volume …

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Discussion Topics

  • Common Core Curriculum Standards

    Posted by Judith Hampson on 2/10/2014
    What is different about the CCSS's? Why did we have to change from the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards?
    Forty-five states have now adopted the Common Core State Standards, which means that when students move across states they will be following the same curriculum, thus experiencing continuity in their education.
    In addition, the CCSSs are linked closely across the grade levels. There is a clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, and each grade level builds upon the knowledge acquired in the grade before.
    Every student, parent and teacher is able to know the expectations at each grade level. The aim is for students to progress each year towards being successful in college and career readiness.
    To learn more, go to:
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