EAST ORANGE BOARD OF EDUCATION TASC TEST CENTER

    The East Orange Board of Education has been approved by the Department of Education as a TASC Test Center. Testing is done on two Saturdays per month, and registration is done every Tuesday from 5-7p.m.  Registration can also be arranged by sending an email to Beth Coleman, beth.coleman@eastorange,k12.nj.us



    Listed below are the dates for TASC for the 2019-2020 school year:

    JULY 20 AND 27

    AUGUST 3 AND 10


    OCTOBER 5 AND 19



    JANUARY 4 AND 11


    MARCH 14 AND 21

    APRIL 4 AND 25

    MAY 2 AND 9

    JUNE 6 AND 13

    Registration every Tuesday.  Your registration must be completed in person with the TASC Testing Coordinator, Ms. Beth Coleman.  Pre-registration is mandatory. You just cannot walk-in and take the tests.



      The following are the eligibility criteria:

        1.  You must be a NJ resident
        2. You must be at least 16 years of age
        3.  You must be officially withdrawn from school
        4.  You have not graduated from an accredited high school or received a high school equivalency certificate or
              diploma before

         5. All 16 and 17 year olds must present a properly authorized Consent Form and a Certification of
              Non-Enrollement in School Form. These forms must be signed by the appropriate persons and bear the
              stamp or seal of the school.
          6.  Parent/Guardian of 16 and 17 years old must be present at registration.

    $92.00 for complete test battery (5 subjects) payable with Money Order 
    Retest fees are as follows

    The retest fee is $10 per subject. Total retest fees will not exceed $40 for the complete battery of tests.
         Registration Process
    1.      Attend a registration session (Registration is held on Tuesdays at 5:00 by appointment only)
    2.      Complete an application to take the exam
    3.      Payment in Money Order (no cash,/checks/credit at this time)
    4.      Present Valid Identifications
    5.      Schedule an examination (Admissions ticket is required to enter examination room)
         Please note that free preparation courses are available through he East Orange Board of Education Adult
             Basic Skills Program. Registration is required to be a student in this program and a placement test must be
             taken to determine your level of proficiency.  Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 4:00 to 7:00
              p.m.  After the placement test you will be registered
              for classes if spaces are available.
         Government Photo ID (can be any of the following) NJ Driver’s license/ driving permit/state or county   
    Social Security Card preferred (will also accept birth certificate, valid credit card)
          ** If you are showing a US or foreign passport, you must also provide proof of NJ residency.

               NJ Residency: Lease/Rent agreement, utility bill, bank statement, property tax receipt, federal income tax
               return. Documents must be current and display the applicant’s full name and NJ address


    All students must be scheduled to take the examination, prior to the test date. 
      Please call 973-266-5640 X 49001 and speak with:
        Mr. Stephen Webb, Supervisor, Alternative/Community Ed. Programs, East Orange School District
                               or email
    Ms. Beth Coleman @ beth.coleman@eastorange.k12.nj.us

    For more information: