Greetings STEM Academy Family,

    It is truly an honor and a blessing to lead, The East Orange STEM Academy. My primary goal is to ensure that all of our students from 6th – 12th receive a quality learning experience unmatched by any other school in the nation.
    My educational philosophy is that all students in my care will succeed, simply because I'm their principal and they're my students. My goal is to ensure that all students understand that school is about learning, and building on an existing knowledge base; its also about developing skill sets that helps them become masters of their own destiny, and productive citizens who make positive contributions to the human family as well as long learners and seekers of truth.
    I look forward to working with all stakeholders in improving academic achievement and promoting the social and emotional growth of our students. In the words of Lorriane Monroe, "What you think and feel about students in front of you will determine how successful they will become." It is truly an honor to serve you the STEM community.
    Vincent L. Stallings, Ed.D.