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    Vision Statement
    The Counseling Department of East Orange STEM Academy will embolden all students to become self-actualized individuals who can thrive in a global society. Our students will reach their full potential by using the components of our comprehensive counseling program that address career, academic, and personal/social goals.  We will create an environment that inspires personal growth, social responsibility, and academic excellence.  As School Counselors, we believe that students flourish when families, schools and communities work together.

    Main Number 973-266-5900


    Ms. Trene' Barksdale    
    973-266-5900 Ext. 52010

    Ms. Sa-Kinah Calder
    973-266-5900 Ext.52009

    Ms. Woods
    973-266-5900 Ext.52027

    Guidance Secretary

    Ms. Emily Prince
    973-266-5900 Ext. 52004

      Guidance Department Policies & Procedures  
    Mission Statement 
    To involve each student and his/her parent in an advising system that facilitates the acquisition of student skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college and/or the workforce.
    Departmental Goals
    Counselor Appointments: 
    Students may request appointments with their Counselor by sending an email directly to the counselor or by completing a counselor request form obtained from the guidance department secretary. Appointments will be scheduled within 24 hours of the counselor receiving the appointment request. (In the event of an emergency, the student will be seen immediately.) 

    Parents are encouraged to contact counselors via telephone or email at any time. (Although parents are always welcome, it is suggested that parents make appointments in advance for in-person conferences to ensure counselor and teacher availability.)

    Please feel free to call 973-266-5900 or email:

    Mrs. Barksdale at

    Ms. Woods at
    Schedule Changes: 
    Parents are encouraged to be active participants in the scheduling process. Schedule changes will be granted under extenuating circumstances with a written request from a parent or guardian and administrator approval. Note: A change may create a major conflict in the student’s schedule. 
    Official Transcript Requests: /div>
    Transcript request forms may be obtained from the Guidance Department secretary. Upon completion, they are to be returned to her and the request will be granted within twenty-four hours of receiving the completed form. (Please see “documents” for a form.) Unofficial transcripts may be obtained directly from the school counselor before or after school.
    Report Cards: 
    Report cards are mailed home quarterly. Students are welcome to view a copy of their report card or warning notice in their counselor’s office before or after school. Additional copies of the report cards will be printed upon written request of verified parent or guardian. Failure to receive a report card via the mail may indicate that the student’s recorded address is inaccurate or incorrect. This may result in student address verification by district attendance officer. 
    Intervention and Referral Services (I & RS):
    Educating students is more difficult because of the social/emotional problems that students encounter in and outside of the school community. Assistance to students, their parents, and teachers is available through the I & R S. The I&RS team is made up of a variety of teachers and staff members from diverse backgrounds who can offer expertise to the team. The purposes of the I &RS program are:
    To identify learning, behavioral and health difficulties of students.
    To collect thorough information on the identified learning behavior, and health difficulties. 
    To develop and implement action plans which provide for appropriate school or community interventions or referrals to school and community resources.
    After a teacher has attempted to address the problem in the classroom by contacting the parent/guardian and enlisting the help of other school personnel, he/she may seek the assistance of I&RS.
    The concerned teacher initiates the referral process by filling out the Initial Request for Assistance and prepares information on grades, history, etc. Parents/guardians may also refer their son or daughter to the I&RS team. Regardless of who requests assistance for a student, the parent/guardian is asked to be involved in the process. There is a questionnaire and/or interview that the parent(s) will partake in with a team member. 
    Once the request is received, a case coordinator will be assigned.

    The referring teacher as well as all other teachers whom have contact with the student will fill out the Teacher Information Form. The writer of the referral becomes an active part of the I&RS team for the particular case that he/she referred. All teachers who have a student that is referred will be asked to fill out information on the student and to join the team in coming up with an action plan.

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    • For every student to receive a high school diploma.
    • For every student to be equipped educationally, mentally and emotionally to obtain full-time employment; or training at a technical school or college.
    • For every student to have a viable career path after high school graduation.
    • For every student to be serviced by their counselor in a timely manner on a regular basis.
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