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    Characterized by the spirit of an experienced, energetic, enthusiastic staff, a network of devoted PTA volunteers/supportive parents, and an excited, eager to learn student body, the George Washington Carver Institute of Science and Technology community strives to foster an exemplary elementary school. Carver’s Pre-K – Grade 5 educational program is designed to master the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Our administrators and staff engage in continuous professional development in order that we are equipped to effectively lead, teach, uphold and enhance the rigorous curriculum.

    There is a productive atmosphere at Carver. A recent survey of staff revealed that the morning is the time most enjoyed by the majority of staff. This is the time when we greet parents and students and the alliance between home and school is strengthened. A strong work ethic is apparent throughout the school day. This is largely the result of a staff which is 100% “Highly Qualified.” The staff is encouraged to demonstrate a desire for excellence. A deep commitment is placed upon providing unique professional development opportunities. These professional learning opportunities are often embedded in the daily instructional activities.

    At Carver, Science and Technology are integrated throughout the curriculum. Cross-curricula instructional strategies are utilized in a student centered, problem solving, and project-driven instructional approach. There is an emphasis upon the assessment of and teaching to the learning styles of each and every child. An analysis of the 2010-2011 school-wide Learning Styles Inventory, administered in October, has revealed that approximately 48% of our 252 students in grade 1st -5th are visual learners. In response to this analysis, our teachers’ lesson plans and classroom instruction reflect more use of artifacts, pictures and video clips. Increased use of overhead projectors and Smart Boards in math and literacy instruction, and more visualizing/verbalizing techniques further individualizes instruction. There is presently two computer lab that services grades Pre-K-5. We are in the process of upgrading those lab as well as adding another computer lab. Each week, every class has scheduled learning experiences in the lab. There are also technology centers in each classroom that reinforce technology instruction and encourage student exploration and initiative.

    Literacy is the major event of the day. We strive to foster a balanced literacy program which focuses on Guided Reading and Writing throughout the curriculum. An analysis of student assessment data highlights students’ strengths and/or areas needing improvement. Students are held accountable for high standards of performance and achievement.

    There is a commitment at Carver to use assessment data to develop and implement lesson plans. We at Carver are proud to report that our school was recognized by Dr. West, our superintendent  for great achievement on the PARCC last spring. Data analysis has revealed that teaching and student achievement continues to show improvement at George Washington Carver Institute of Science and Technology.

    We are happy to report that the STEM (Gifted and Talented) Program at Carver has expanded since last year. The program will now include the ARTS (STEAM). We will also include students in 1st and 2nd grade.

    Carver boasts that “Parents are always welcomed.” “Back to School Night” is always well attended and the attendance at Parent/Teacher Association (PTA) meetings as well as Parent Workshops is significantly increasing. Parents are invited to and are present in impressive numbers at all student achievement assemblies. Grade level theme assemblies, Science and Math Fairs, and parent workshops are also well attended. Our PTA is growing stronger and is more active. We have evidenced a rise in parent participation and support of annual events such as the candy drive, and the school picture drive. Attendance at the School Leadership Council and the No Child Left Behind Committee meetings has also increased. We are grateful for our parents’ participation which has contributed positively to the overall school climate.

    Should you have any questions about the George Washington Carver Institute of Science and Technology report card, please use the contact information below.