•  Language Arts


    Middle School English Team:


    Dennissa Brown - Grade 6 ELA


    Alan Noel - Grade 7 ELA


    Mia Sutton - Grade 8 ELA



    Grades 6-8 Language Arts (Core, Honors)

    The Language Arts curriculum is structured to provide opportunities for interdisciplinary teaching and learning. This planned instructional approach to learning uses links across different disciplines in an effort to enhance learning. Reading, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking are interrelated to help students acquire the skills needed to be proficient and independent in these key areas. As students continue to learn, they will broaden their ability to use literacy skills as a tool for learning and personal enjoyment. An emphasis on the Language Standards (L.1-L.9), such as grammar, mechanics and vocabulary are taught and reinforced throughout the curriculum. Technology is utilized daily as Bell Ringers, as a research tool, interactive lessons and for word processing.


    High School English Team:


    Chelsea Vick - English 1


    Charity Bracey - English 2


    Eleanor Vick - English 3


    Ann Fischer - English 4 and AP English



    English/Composition (freshmen and sophomores) courses are designed for freshmen and/or sophomores and build upon previous writing skills. These courses seek to develop the writing processes and practices necessary for producing successful high school compositions. Students typically learn to write persuasive, critical, and creative multi-paragraph essays and compositions. While emphasizing composition, these courses may also incorporate some literature study to expose students to exemplary illustrations of various forms of writing.English Department


    English/Composition (juniors and seniors) courses are designed for juniors and/or seniors and build upon previous writing skills. Reinforcing the logic and critical-thinking skills that accompany good writing, these courses—which emphasize word choice, usage, and writing mechanics—provide continued and advanced instruction in writing for a variety of purposes and audiences. English/Composition (juniors and seniors) courses may emphasize college or business preparation; literature study may be offered as an additional component in which students analyze examples of several genres.>