• Media Center's Policies


    The Media Center utilizes flexible scheduling and scheduled class visits.  There are periods throughout the week called School Services which allow students to come to the Media Center with teacher permission to conduct planned research. Students must have a planned purpose for visits to the Media Center.  For scheduled class visits each classroom is assigned a period a week which the whole class visits the Media Center, at this time students may check out/in books. Planned instruction is often being conducted during class visits.  Students wandering aimlessly and/or talking excessively are a disruption to the learning environment.  Remember, the Media Center is an extension of the classroom and is not to be used by students for socializing.


    Check-Out - The Media Center uses Destiny automated circulation/cataloging system.  Before checking out materials, each student will receive an orientation and be assigned an individual patron number.  Students are allowed to check out one book at a time.  Teachers have extended check-out privileges, but shall be held responsible for lost or damaged materials also.  Students may renew a book for an additional week, two weeks is the limit.
    Check-In  - It is the students' responsibility to see that materials are properly returned for check-in on time.

    Students and staff are responsible for the return of media materials within a specified time and in good condition.  Failure to do so shall result in the restriction of Media Center privileges. Replacement costs will be charged for lost or damaged books.