• Wahlstrom Early Childhood Academy

    Wahlstrom Early Childhood Academy has special formula:                                    


    Supportive parents + Highly Qualified Teachers + Research Based Instructional Program + Nurturing Environment = Academic Success.


    Wahlstrom Early Childhood Academy is more than a school, it is an opportunity to experience the "joy of learning". Wahlstrom was truly architecturally designed for the theme of Early Childhood Education. As you enter the Academy, the bold colors of the interior seem to make the building come alive. The large windows in each classroom add natural light and a park like setting that enhances the ambiance of the school and support of nature.

    The auditorium area is the showcase of the school. The cyclindrical built amphitheater allows the children to have a magnificent staging area to display their musical and theatrical abilities.

    Wahlstrom Early Childhood Academy provides a learning environment for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students in which each child's intellectual, emotional, and social growth is carefully cultivated and guided. Utilizing the research based model for Success For All (SFA), the Wahlstrom staff is trained as specialists in the area of early childhood education. The SFA Model at Wahlstrom consists of four (4) Curiosity classrooms for pre-school and seven (7) KinderCorner classrooms for kindergarten.

    The Curiosity Corner early learning program is based on the following key concepts: 1) learning is fun, 2) learning is a constructive process, 3) learning takes place in a community, 4) young children need to be engaged in activities that are developmentally and culturally appropriate, and 5) language and literacy development are the building blocks of cognitive, social and personal development.

    KinderCorner is a full day constructive kindergarten program that includes a detailed curriculum. KinderCorner is based on the constructive principles of developmentally appropriate practice, and the understanding that children learn by constructing their own knowledge. KinderCorner fosters children's language, cognitive, mathematical, emotional, interpersonal, creative, and physical development. Children also learn basic science and social studies concepts through rich thematic units. The program supports the children's families, teachers, and communities.

    Various special projects emphasize learning.  At our Terrific Thirty Book Club Assembly, Dr. Loretta Long, Susan from Sesame Street, was one of our guest readers.

    The overall goal of Wahlstrom is to ensure that every child enters first grade with the language skills, early literacy, number concepts, social skills, self-help skills, and self-confidence necessary for success in the elementary grades.