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    Mrs. Ernestine Harris, Community Outreach Coordinator

    As the Community Outreach Coordinator, I would like to WELCOME you to CICELY L. TYSON  COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF PERFORMING AND FINE ARTS 2012-2013 school year!  My goal this school year is to have an increase in parental involvement and create a positive sense of belonging for all of our parents of the Tyson Community.    Parents as well students must be fully equipped with information and resources, which will make a positive difference in bringing out the potential in our student’s academic goals.  For our students every day is a journey of self-discovery.  We want our students to be filled with energy and enthusiasm academically, knowing that they are in charge of their destiny.    IF THEY WISH IT, BELIEVE IT, THEY CAN ACHIEVE IT.


    We, as parents have a very important role in our students reaching their highest potential level of academic excellent.



    ·      Become an active participant in your child (ren) education

    ·      Join the parent & teachers organization (PTO), District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC),

    ·      Attend East Orange Board of Education meetings

    ·      Get involved in PTO school functions, i.e. PTO workshops, 

                       SIG Workshops, PTO , DPAC and East Orange Board  Meetings

    ·      Participate, volunteer (you are our untapped resource)

    ·      Make a commitment to attend 2 PTO meetings per quarter for the 2012-2013 school year.


    I challenge my parents to become an active  participant in their child(ren) education.   Join the PTO—attend DPAC meetings,-- take your seat at  the EO Board meetings.

    ------------ PARTICIPATE-------------------