• Who Likes the Snow?

    Written by Etta Kaner  Illustrated by Marie Lafrance
    This lesson makes connections between seasons and the water cycle, connecting Language Arts with Science concepts.
    This activity can be used as a formative assessment strategy for determining whether or not students are able to identify new vocabulary as they encounter it, and how they make sense of each new word. This book can also be used to connect Informational Writing lessons.
    Lesson Objective:   
    To be able to effectively connect personal living experiences with Science concepts.  
    **Book can be found on the GPA website or the GPA Tumblebook Library – Username: gparks  Password: books
    Common Core Connections:
    Meaning/Key Ideas/Details:   Multiple levels of meaning, moving from general to specific knowledge through use of evidence
    Craft and Structure:   Explicitly stated purpose; implicit information
    Knowledge/Ideas:  Multiple perspectives, everyday knowledge combined with genre connection
    1. Students will be able to make connections between concepts covered in Science and the world around them.
    2. Students will be able to make sense of new vocabulary using examples (evidence) from the text.
    • Who Likes the Snow? e-book on Tumblebooks; Post-it notes, pencils; SMARTboard or other interactive white board (or projector/laptop)
    • Writing books/logs
    Strategic Lesson Plan:
    • Briefly review with students what seasons are and what can be expected during the season of WINTER. 
    • Explain to the students today’s non-fiction picture book tells the story of snow in response to questions asked by children.
    • Brainstorm some of the questions the students have about snow and record on SMARTboard or chart paper.
    • Ask the students to use post-it notes to either jot down or mark the pages where they encounter a new vocabulary word
    • Circulate as the children listen and watch, providing assistance where needed; as students finish, invite them to jot down any questions they might have about snow
    • Once the children are finished reading and discussing in small groups, pull the large group back together
    • Have students share their insights and new understandings about snow they have gathered from the book
    • Share as a large group on the SMARTboard so students can capture their ideas
    • Have students share their new vocabulary words they have collected on their post-it notes and review with whole class
    • Optional activity:  print the words on flash cards individually and play word games with a partner for 5 minutes each day.