• GPA's Principal's Book Of The Month

    The Principal’s Book of the Month is a program where the teachers read the same book in each classroom during the school year.  We have 10 books that the Leadership Team has picked out that have a message to give to our students.  The message could be on responsibility, culture, friendship, bullying, etc.  Each month the teachers read the book and then the students write a response.  This will help our students with reading comprehension, having book talk as well as helping to build student vocabulary.
    Click the picture to see a video of our book being read by two of our AMAZING 5th graders.

    High Fives and A Big Heart
    Written and Illustrated by Jeffrey Daniel Bill and his fourth grade friends.
    (Jeffrey is a student at Alexandria Middle School in Pittstown, New Jersey)

    This book celebrates diversity. Jeffrey is different from many of his classmates. This book highlights those differences and reminds us that "it matters what you are on the inside".
    Hey Parents.....Here are a few questions you can ask when you discuss this book with       
                                          your child!

    • How is Jeffrey different?
    • Do you know any children like Jeffrey?
    • How would you feel if Jeffrey was your classmate?
    • What other ways are people in your school different?