Just Kidding by Trudy Ludwig
    Illustrated by Adam Gustavson
    Pre-K  -  5
    Pre-K  - 5  Open-ended Prompt:
    How has the book Just Kidding changed your idea of what the word kidding means to you?  How could you tell that D.J. was bothered by Vince’s teasing? Can you think of a time that you or a friend was teased? How did it make you feel?
    Pre-K – 2nd Grade – Please adjust the above prompt to fit your grade level.  For example, have your students draw and write a caption or paragraph.
    Summary: Just Kidding  is the story of a boy named D.J. who’s friend Vince has a habit of teasing him and then saying, “Just Kidding!” as if it will make everything ok. D.J. is confused by the way he feels when he is teased because his friends at his old school would joke around with him, but they never made him feel hurt or upset. D.J. is also unsure of how to handle the teasing, and is afraid if he says something his friends will think that he cannot take a joke. D.J seeks advice from his father, teacher and brother who help encourage and empower him to stand up against Vince’s persistent teasing.  
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    This story has the reader take a rare look at emotional bullying among boys. It also brings light to relational aggression, the use of relationships to manipulate and hurt others. This story will help students understand the difference between teasing and kidding, and also bring awareness of some of the possible effects of teasing on children.
    Exploring issues of social justice:
    D.J. learns that teasing is not ok when it makes the person being teased feel hurt, sad, or embarrassed.