• September 2016 Book of the Month
    PRINCIPAL’S BOOK OF THE MONTH – September 2016
    Written by JULIE DANNEBERG
    First Day Jitters covers all of the anxieties of starting out at a new school. It's the first day of school and Sarah Jane Hartwell is nervous and wants to stay in her bed. Mr. Hartwell tries to ease her nerves with calm reassurance and wise advice. The plot leads to a very cute and surprising twist at the end of the story when the readers learn that the teacher is the one who is nervous about her first day of school.
    Common Core Connections:
    Meaning/Key Ideas/Details:   Multiple levels of meaning, moving from general to specific knowledge through use of evidence
    Craft and Structure:   Explicitly stated purpose; implicit information
    Knowledge/Ideas:  Multiple perspectives, everyday knowledge combined with genre connection
    Learning Objectives:   
    1. Identify characters, setting, and major events in the story.
    2. Describe the character, Sarah, using illustrations and text.
    3. Write an opinion paragraph about the text  with grade appropriate organization, grammar, and conventions.
    4. Students will be able to make sense of new vocabulary using examples (evidence) from the text.
    • First Day Jitters e-book on Tumblebooks; Post-it notes, pencils; SMARTboard or other interactive white board (or projector/laptop)
    • First Day Jitters Close Reading Activity packet
    • Writing books/logs