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    Ruby's Wish


    1. What state did the Chinese call Gold Mountain?
    • Arizona
    • California
    • Alaska
    • Colorado

    2. Which word does not describe Ruby's character?
    • selfish
    • respectful
    • grateful
    • smart

    3. In old China, what did rich men do?
    • married many wives
    • bought lots of gifts
    • spent lots of money on books
    • gave money away

    4. Based on the story, which statement is not true about the color red?
    • In China, it is the color of celebration.
    • On New Year's Day children receive red envelopes full of good luck money.
    • Brides wear red on their wedding day.
    • It is Ruby's least favorite color.

    5. In old China, it was not important to educate the girls. How do you know that Ruby's grandfather thinks education is important? 1 A teacher comes to the house to teach all his grandchildren. 2 The children learn outside. 3 Only the boys go to the university. 4 He only lets them write poems.

    6. Why did the teacher praise Ruby? 1 Ruby's dress was the prettiest. 2 Ruby had nice manners. 3 Ruby's
    caligraphy was the best. 4 Ruby's envelope was the fattest.

    7. When the boys finished their studies for the day, they were free to play. But when the girls finished, they had to TumbleQuiz http://asp.tumblebooks.com/quiz.aspx?ProductID=RubysWish1&BookID=... 1 of 2 1/3/17, 11:02 AM ____. 1 got to bed 2 learn about cooking and cleaning house. 3 go to the store 4 plan trips for the boy.

    8​. Ruby thinks the boys are treated better than the girls. Which is not one of her reasons? 1 The boys always get the moon cake half with the yellow moon yolk. 2 The boys carried the red lanterns during the moon festival. 3 The boys get to go to university. 4 They boys get to have dessert after dinner.

    9. "Ruby's Wish" is a true story written by Ruby's granddaughter. 1 True 2 False 10. What was Ruby's wish? 1 to carry a red lantern 2 to go to university 3 to get married 4 to have children TumbleQuiz

    http://asp.tumblebooks.com/quiz.aspx?ProductID=RubysWish1&BookID=... 2 of 2 1/3/17, 11:02 A