• Beginning with the September 2011-2012 school year, our school has conscientiously implemented the requirement found in the Anti – Bullying Bill of Rights Act by appointing an Anti bullying Specialist, creating a School Safety Team and deliberately focusing our efforts on creating a positive school climate.
    During the first two years of implementation of the anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act our school has made progress in addressing and improving harassment, intimidation and bullying and the school climate and culture by continued emphasis on the need to demonstrate caring and respectful behaviors towards others on a daily basis.
    While completing the Self-Assessment, we learned that our school has demonstrated strength in these areas: reporting HIB,  notifying parents of the alleged victim and target in each reported incident of HIB and developing strategies o prevent HIB.
    The Self-assessment helped our school to identify areas for improvement especially in the area of providing professional development for the entire School Safety Team.
    During the upcoming year, our school will be working towards and seek your involvement in improving our overall effectiveness in bullying prevention.
    Our HIB grade for the year is 76.