Peer Mediators




    The Peer Mediator’s at Bowser Elementary are trained in Conflict Resolution. As we build the LEADER in each student, we instill in them ownership of their school community. Peer Mediator’s help other students resolve conflict, assist with younger students serving as role models, teach, and engage in other leadership roles.


    Peer Mediation Process
    Step 1: Negotiation

    1. State what you want; “I want to use the book now.”
    2. State how you feel; “I’m frustrated.”
    3. State the reason for your wants and feelings: “You have been using the book for the past hour. If I don’t get to use the book soon, my report will not be done on time. It’s frustrating to have to wait so long.”
    4. Summarize your understanding of what the other person wants, how the other person feels, and the reason for both.
    5. Invent three optional plans to resolve the conflict.
    6. Choose one plan and shake hands.


    Step 2: Conflict Mediation

    1. When mediating a conflict, the class mediator first introduces him- or herself.
    2. Then, the mediator asks students if they want to resolve the problem and does not proceed until both parties answer yes.
      1. Remember that mediation is voluntary.
      2. Mediator is neutral, that means the mediator does NOT take sides.
      3. Each person will have the chance to state his or her view WITHOUT INTERRUPTIONS.


    Students must agree to the following:
    1. Solve the problem. 5. Agree to a solution
    2. No “name-calling.”    and stick to it.
    3. Do not interrupt. 6. Conversation is
    4. Be honest.    confidential.
    David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson, Bruce Dudley and Robert Burnett