A word about attendance: As educators, we are grateful for this opportunity to serve your child. We believe that without a working partnership with parents, guardians and friends, we could not be successful in providing the education needed to build students who flourish, triumph and succeed. One of the ways we can help children succeed is to communicate. 
    Attendance and tardies have been a very serious concern for many of our students last year at Whitney Houston Academy. We realize that there is a direct correlation between high levels of attendance and high levels of academic achievement. Research shows that students with high attendance earn higher grades, have fewer discipline problems and are better prepared for the future. For each day a student misses school, they get more than two days behind their peers. This is because they miss critical direct instruction from their teacher and must make up missed learning as well as catch up with new learning at the same time. Each day a student is in school, they improve their skills, learn a little more about responsibility, and move one step ahead in the learning process. It is important to remember that every year of school and every minute is important. Given all that teachers need to teach today, a 6-hour day and a 180-day school year really isn’t a lot of time. Some feel kindergarten doesn’t matter. Comments such as, “it’s only kindergarten,” ring in teachers’ ears. Setting the tone for success begins at the beginning. Kindergarten children are expected to accomplish much more than ever before. The kindergarten curriculum in more demanding, requiring children to be able to read and write before entering first grade. Being on time to school makes a huge difference in a child’s day being a success too. Think about how you feel when you are late to work or an event or running in to a meeting last minute with everyone stopping to stare at you. Never feeling as if you were on the right beat all day because you got off to a rushed start or missed the instructions so never knowing what you were doing. Don’t you have a better day at work when you have a few minutes to settle into your day, and maybe even get that cup of coffee and chat with co-workers for a few moments? Children feel the same way. Children go through the same emotions adults go through. Their emotions and feeling aren’t any less important or any less stressful.
    We would like to try to minimize the days a student is absent. Illness should be taken seriously, and students should stay home when they have a fever or are contagious. We thank you for your understanding in this matter and for notifying us of this illness. Teachers will account for illness and provide time and make-up work. But we ask that appointments of any kind be scheduled before or after school, if possible. If an appointment must be made during school hours, it is advised that the student come to school before the appointment and return after the appointment, if possible. Partial daily attendance is better than not attending at all. Family business should also be scheduled after school hours, on weekends, or during non-school days. Students who miss school for an excused absence (i.e., illness, medical appointment or bereavement) are entitled to make up schoolwork. As educators, we are required to remind you of the attendance policies and procedures. Also we are here to support and work with you in making it happen.
     Thank you in advance for working with the staff of Whitney Houston Academy to keep your child in school regularly and on-time.  Together we can ensure the best education possible!