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  • "Cultivating Jaguars with Phenomenal Will and Skill"

    Welcome to the East Orange Campus High School webpage!

    Mission: East Orange Campus High School will assist in the continued transformation of the East Orange School District and City of East Orange through the academic, artistic, social, emotional, and athletic excellence of the students, staff, faculty, and administrators here at East Orange Campus High School.

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    Dear East Orange Campus High School Students, Staff, Parents/Guardians, School Partners, and Community at Large,

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! I am extremely excited to be back at East Orange Campus High School, and honored to serve as the new Principal. As a former student and teacher in the East Orange School District, I am humbled at the opportunity to be a transformational agent. I was part of the first cohort of professionals to combine the two traditional comprehensive high schools (Clifford J. Scott & East Orange High) in the city. The leadership of both high schools, along with the central office, worked tirelessly for two years to create an environment of collaboration, responsibility and growth for the initial class of 2002-2003. Their sense of purpose and attention to detail are key models for us to employ now. Moreover, the communities’ support of the merger laid the foundation for success. That combined graduating class, and subsequent classes, produced phenomenal leaders, some of whom are leaders in the District and City today. I look forward to reigniting that sense of purpose and attention to detail towards students emotional and intellectual growth.

    As we embrace and learn from the two pandemics/viruses that severely impacted us this year; COVID-19 and systemic racism also known as COVID 1619 by some scholars, we recognize that there has been a profound shift in how we perform education. Not only are we in the age of remote, virtual, and hybrid learning, we are also in the age of intense teacher practice that is culturally responsive to reverse the vestiges of centuries of racism. Nevertheless, we are more encouraged than ever to know that we can rethink and reimagine what is possible. The horror of these pandemics also brought out the best in the human spirit as communities came together to truly support each other. In the words of James Cone, the question mark of “Am I, my Brother’s Keeper?” was straighten to an exclamation point, “I am, my Brother’s Keeper!” It is with this sense of community, shared vision and purpose that we begin this “new normal” academic year.

    Education has always been the “passport to the future” and the “great equalizer” for traditionally oppressed and underserved populations. More than ever before, we accept this obligation to be a credit to society and be phenomenal custodians of the legacy given to us.

    I am,

    Yours in Service,

    Mr. Willie Worley