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    Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. Academy was established in 1999 as an elementary magnet school, kindergarten through fifth grade, dedicated to legal studies and community service.  The curriculum provides a unique opportunity for students to become exposed to several areas of law, trial advocacy, literature, and technology.  Through this exposure, students develop techniques for resolving conflicts, improve speaking, writing, and analytical skills in a logical order.

    The community service component provides students with the opportunity to build self-confidence, develop social responsibility, and create mentoring partnerships with community agencies.

    Throughout the years, the learning community of Cochran Academy (teachers, parents and staff) have worked together to create a learner centered culture that promotes excellence from the students, staff and community.

    Our school has achieved significant improvement through engaging in the following:

    • Setting high expectations
    • Rigorous and equitable instruction that ensures student achievement
    • Creating a postive climate and culture of respect and emptathy
    • Using multiple sources of data to inform instruction
    • Actively engaging parents and the community

    Our strong home/school component has also contributed to the following awards:

    • 2019 A ward Winning New Jersey State Mock Trial Team – First Place
    • 2015 Award Winning New Jersey State Mock Trial Team- Honorable Mention
    • 2013 Award Winning New Jersey State Mock Trial Team – First Place
    • 2010 Award Winning New Jersey State Mock Trial Team – First Place
    • 2009 Award Winning New Jersey State Mock Trial Team – First Place

    Our unique school theme of “Legal Studies and Community Service” continues to excel.  Our goal is to produce students that will not only apply existing laws, but will have the knowledge and skills to improve upon them.  Every classroom is involved in a community service project. The service projects aid in promoting comradeship, goodwill, developing pride,  and creating a commitment to preserving our neighborhoods and beyond. We would like for our students to ultimately take ownership of their city with pride and dignity.

    “Your Commitment Leads To Our Success”

    Team Cochran